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Crash game for money Aviator is an on-line multiplayer game. Even beginners can make successful investments in software. Simple rules of the game, a large selection of bets, easy management, rapidly growing coefficients make it possible to win without prior preparation and develop clever strategies Aviator game. Aviator Spribe is a platform with an absolutely fair system of work. The guarantee of reliability depends not only on manufacturers, but also on numerous feedback from gamers.

Important! You can get a win only in one case, if the plane is stopped before it crashes. All payouts are for an in-flight stopover, not for an aircraft crash.

The purpose of the game Aviator

Winning the law of pure luck crash slot. A wise risk is always worth it. Gamblers decide for themselves whether they stop the plane at random odds, either test their luck or let it make risky deviations.

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The essence of the game Aviator is getting a win, stopping the plane ahead of time, when it slows down the fall. It’s all very simple! Each visitor to the on-line casino, having activated Aviatorgame, tries on the role of a pilot. He must raise his plane to the very top, as his earnings directly depend on this. Together with the flight of the airliner, the size of the coefficient increases. In case of victory, the contribution made will be multiplied by this figure.

aviator game online

Important! The buyback button must be tapped until the moment when the aircraft overcomes the viewing angle.

In case of winning, earnings can increase several times. Depends on the selected odds and bet size. If the plane stops its ascent before the gambler has clicked on the stop, all assigned money will come from a loss. But these funds are easily recovered if you collect several winning prizes for a gratuitous goal, ascending to the very top. Enough of his small amounts are increased symbolically to increase profits. But remember that the plane can explode even on the runway.

Interesting Facts:

  • The first payouts can be received even with a multiplier coefficient of 1. The higher the plane climbed, the higher the multiplier coefficient and the amount of payments accordingly.
  • To calculate the winnings, you need to multiply the bet made by the coefficient that corresponds to the stop point of the aircraft. The bankroll will increase if the user stops the aircraft in time.
  • The flight speed, the moment of installation and the size of the coefficient in games depend on the random number generator built into the official Aviator game.
  • These conditions confirm the honesty of the random process. Therefore, Crash became the most important innovation for the year.
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Important information

Aviatorgame Aviator is designed specifically for detecting gamers, so it has a chat that detects in the surveillance area. Communication with other users is possible in real time.

The statistics of the quality rounds made is in the upper parts of the field, where you can also see the multipliers that have fallen in the previous rounds. Statistics are available for 60 played rounds. They are updated with each new release in the software.

The Aviator game is available in demo mode Aviator, which allows you to place bets without investments. It is possible to get acquainted with the principle of the game, get an income, win statistics and get additional information. The fall occurs in the mechanism of occurrence to losses will not come. But there are no payouts in this slot. Free gambling entertainment without a purpose for developing skills.

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Game algorithms

The Aviator manufacturer claims that the final result is based on 4 launches, independently of each other. They are attended by 3 gamblers and users, selected at random. During these three rounds, server starting values are generated, which include 16 completely random characters. You can view a version of such a round at the beginning, located in the menu called “Provably Fair”. Thus, the winnig in the airplane game for money the Aviator game is captured by three users, they are used for settlements.

RTP indicator

The developer has set the RTP payout ratio of 97%. Choosing an Airplane for money Aviator game, a gamer can get prizes even at small bets. But it is important to understand that they have a probability that they will be received.

Chat in the Aviator game 

Every gambler gets access to the chat. It applies to all versions of the software.

Chat location:

  • Mobile version – the chat window is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Browser version – the chat window is present on the right.

Regardless of the version, gamers use the offer to communicate with each other constantly, both during the round and after it. Here you can also get information from the chat moderators by asking questions of the time.

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The goals and purpose of the user chat:

  • There is an opportunity to communicate with other players.
  • You can get information about the achievements of other members.
  • Support and communication with moderators.
  • There is an option to report problems.

Live bets in Aviator and statistics on them

The advantage, according to Aviator, is the overview of the slot, the availability of statistics that are kept only on the player’s bets, as well as actions based on the results of other players.

In the statistics section located on the panel, you can see the following information:

  • When the game was last activated.
  • Winner’s login
  • The amount of bets placed.
  • The odds at which the bets were successful.
  • What Aviator bonuses are active.

The proposed statistics make it possible to encompass data and develop the right tactics. It must be understood that with the exception of funds allocated by users, banks may also face losses. If the aircraft did not stop before the altitude limit was reached, or if it was stopped beforehand, the bet made will be void.

aviator play for money

Important! If during the process you manage to double or arrange your bet, you can get solid payouts. When doing this, extreme caution must be exercised and the aircraft must not accelerate too far.

How to play the Aviator?

To start at the Aviator casino, you need to make bets before sending the miniature form. The liner will climb high, and the slower and further it does so, the greater the Max multiplier in the slot.

You can see how the principle of the automaton in demo mode. Also here they are protesting against the crash of the game Aviator and working out the speed of reaction, which will help to stop the aircraft before it crashes.

Peculiarities of withdrawal of funds and the amount of bets

Start in the crash game is possible without investing in the demo version. If the gambler is interested in winnings, you will have to register Aviator at the casino and top up a deposit. The amount of investments starts from one cent. Now you can bet no more than 100 dollars per round. The multiplier that increases the size of investments varies from 1 to 200. The game works even with minimal investments.

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Automatic mode and auto payouts

It is possible to activate the auto mode in the menu located in the upper right corner. In this format, you can play no more than 10 rounds.

There are settings that make it possible to stop the process automatically in the following cases:

  • If the balance is reduced by the amount specified in the settings.
  • If the maximum limit is specified in the settings and it has been reached.
  • When you receive a large win over the amount specified in the auto mode settings.

If you select this format, you can activate automatic payments. For this, a certain multiplier is also set. After reaching it, the amount is paid automatically through the payout withdrawal service.

Aviator Demo version 

The Aviator demo mode is provided for practicing skills and getting acquainted with the slot, as mentioned above. In order to activate it and make bets without risk for investments, you need to select the “Gaming for fun” mode. It fully corresponds to the mode with real investments. For the demo format, a budget of $3,000 is suggested. After the end of the round, you can reload the slot, and the amount will again appear on the account. But keep in mind that output in this mode is not possible. Cash payments are made on real investments only.

aviator play demo

Tips and tricks for playing the Aviator

There is a random number generator in the Aviator slot, which uses any winning schemes. The results are added randomly, so everyone has a chance to be competitive. But it is still possible to increase the probability of your success.

The Aviator strategy and a series of tips will help you:

  • Learn the principles of the crash slot in the demo version. There is no risk, but there is an opportunity to fully master the features present.
  • Determine the bet sizes correctly, analyzing the previous results. Use the provided statistics that will allow you to choose the right tempo. It is easier and more pleasant to receive small payments than to invest a lot and receive a minimum. But you can lose everything in the slot.
  • Try to determine the height of the flight, which brings payouts more often. It will not necessarily be high levels, because private minimum winnings bring more pleasure. Well, if you want to take a chance, try the height, maybe you’ll get lucky.
aviator play online

Be sure to check the quality of your internet connection before starting. It is important that the process is not interrupted by a break in the provider. You lose not only the required degree of pleasure, but also money. Don’t let this happen.

The Aviator slot is a simple software that can be easily mastered by gamblers of any level. It turns out guaranteed, both in paid mode and for free.

Promo options in the slot

  • Rain action – defining a function depending on the frequency of free bets in the chat, which can be offered at any time. Casino visitors collect them by considering the moment “Get”;
  • Air Race Tournaments are a feature designed for players who aim to win. To do this, you can take part in the tournament, access to which is open to all;
  • Free bets. They can be done without risk, this is the best way to make a profit, they are awarded randomly to absolutely all gamers who are in the chat.

Where to play the Aviator slot

Today, the airplane game for money Aviator is a game in almost all gambling games, especially those that have the right to exist. Users should pay attention to the places that are properly designed. These clubs on the site include the fulfillment of all obligations to registered visitors. They also have a high opportunity to start with good cash bonuses accrued for registration at casino sites. You now know where to play Aviator aviator game.

Casino Pin Up casino and Aviator

The platform is designed for high-quality entertainment leisure. Aviator and similar games are available for real investments, including board games. Newbies receive a welcome bonus of up to $1,000 after signing up. The casino has promotions and other similar elements of the loyalty program. There is a special system of accruals for VIP visitors.

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Game club features, promotions and VIP program

The casino offers its visitors developments from well-known providers, which include BetSoft, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and others. The catalog contains not only slots and Pin up casino game Aviator, but also desktop entertainment options, including live dealers. Gambling fans can find a small selection of slot machines. There is also a jackpot in the institution, a playground is available to work through a browser or from a mobile device. Therefore, you can place bets anywhere. The main thing is to connect to a high-quality Internet provider and have a gadget in your hands.

Casino 1xBet

1xBet is one of the most popular and sought-after establishments in the world today. The club offers a huge variety of gambling entertainment, like the Aviator game in 1xBet Aviator game. There are slots, poker, video poker and other desktop entertainment.

The site is licensed by Curacao, which guarantees safety for visitors. There is a $1,000 welcome bonus for beginners. For permanent gamblers who choose the Aviator game, the site provides a bonus system, promotions and other benefits. Demo mode is available to visitors who prefer to play without investments. The format is no different from real gaming, so you can test your skills on this platform. Developing a strategy is another advantage of the demo format.

aviator game 1xbet

1 win casino

1 Win Casino is another sample website of a reliable casino. For beginners, a rich package of welcome bonuses is provided. There is also a large selection of entertainment to start.

To play at Aviator game casino, you need to register and you can do it within a few minutes. Before making a deposit and receiving a bonus, you should study the rules for their accrual and fulfill all the requirements. 1Win Aviator is possible according to the current rules. The loyalty system provides improved conditions for cooperation. With the help of the received payments and bonuses in the slot itself, it is possible to make successful investments.

aviator game 1win

Mostbet Aviator – affordable game

Mostbet offers reliable terms of cooperation. Active gamblers can bet on the Aviator software both from the browser version and from a smartphone. In the club, you can get the first bonuses immediately after registration. The package includes a doubling of the deposit invested for the first time. Loyalty program offers are also available for other visitors.

To download the paid mode, you must:

  • Create a profile and activate it.
  • Registration is open to persons of legal age.
  • The client must pass verification by submitting a scan of his passport.
  • You can replenish your account using bank cards and e-wallets.
  • Withdrawal of funds is possible in the same way as for replenishment.

Real investments are envisaged in single or double rates. You can specify the method you plan to use in the software settings. Soft Aviator Mostbet gives you the opportunity to earn money on the game. Fans of simple and cash games with good payout options will gladly activate it.

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Questions and Answers F.A.Q

Why is this game so popular?

The entertainment is characterized by simple and affordable rules. Even beginners of gambling can master the first time. The original retrospective captivates with good payout statistics, the presence of additional advantages and excellent opportunities for participants. Therefore, there are more and more people who want to bet.

How to win at the Aviator Games?

To win, it is important to catch the airplane before it crashes or explodes on the rise. You can use the slot in automatic mode or manually by placing one or two bets.

Can I deposit in cryptocurrency?

Bitcoins are used for bets in the Aviator real money game officially in a licensed casino. The best resources are suggested in the article above. Their activities are controlled by independent operators.

1 win aviator play

How about fair control?

All stages of Pin up casino Aviator and in other official clubs are generated randomly. For this, the independent application Provably Fair is used. The coefficients are not generated within the club. The random number generator has a very simple and transparent algorithm.

Is Aviator a legal game?

The crash format of the Aviator game on the official website complies with the current requirements for existing official casinos, including those working with cryptocurrency.

How much can I win?

Winnings in the Aviator game on the official website are possible in each round, the main thing is to make investments. Their amount depend on how far the plane will fly. Based on the results of the statistics, it is possible to calculate the most probable amount of payments for the amount that the player is ready to invest.

aviator game online

How is the winnings calculated?

The payout in the Aviator game Pin up Aviator game is calculated by multiplying the bet by the dropped coefficient. The higher the size of the coefficient, the more the visitor of the club receives the payout amount.