Aviator strategies, algorithms, and game tactics

Aviator strategies

Aviator Game: Strategies, Effective Systems and Tactics

Aviator is a popular gambling game that users like with stable high winnings, beautiful graphics, interesting soundtrack and extreme dynamics. However, there are risks of losing deposit. Therefore, players are interested in the question of how to win in Aviator.

Experienced gamblers use tactics and strategies to minimize the risk of loss. Each of the strategies proposed in the article is working. You need to learn to practice, feel and understand them. Even effective tactics are useless if the player does not understand their application. You can practice in the free demo Aviator of the game to understand how the spribe mechanics work in Aviator.

aviator how to win

How to play Aviator?

The main feature of the Aviator game is the dynamism and extreme gameplay. The game represents an aircraft gaining height. It always moves up. The odd increases during the rise, by which the player’s bet will be multiplied in case of a win. The plane will start accelerating at a random moment. You need to collect the winnings before this moment, otherwise the bet will lose. The plane can start accelerating at any moment, increasing the odd by a tenth or hundreds. The gambler will be in suspense during the game, which is what gamblers like.

aviator game for money how to play

The game mechanics is simple, but addictive causing a desire to catch luck. The chances of winning are high, the payout of the slot is over 97%, so even a novice player can win good money with the right approach.

You need to open the slot and make a bet to start playing. You can fly two planes at the same time to get more winnings. After the plane will start moving up. Many players start both at once, one is taken with a minimum odds to cover the losses of the second bet. The second one is waiting for the climb and the growth of the odds.

Aviator game rules

The round in the game Aviator is only a few seconds. To start the game:

  • Go to the casino or betting site;
  • Sign up Aviator;
  • Login to your account;
  • Make a deposit (if you are planning to play for real money);
  • Open a slot; 
  • Make a bet. 

After the plane starts to take off. You need to have time to pick up the winnings, which increase with every second, until the plane starts to accelerate. Breakaway can happen at any time, so you can’t be distracted while playing.

You should use proven strategies to raise a possibility of taking money on time and doubling your bankroll, minimizing the likelihood of losing. You need to first understand the free demo so as not to lose your deposit.

The easiest winning strategy in Aviator game

An easy way to increase the bank is to bet no more than 10%. This will allow you not to lose if the plane crashes prematurely, structure the bankroll to play the game for a long time. You can catch a high coefficient and increase the bank several times. Gamblers do not recommend getting too carried away. You have to learn how to manage time. Set a goal to increase the bankroll by 20-30% in a day and stop. This method will allow you to learn how to earn money and not lose in game impulses.

aviator game strategy

Aviator: low odds strategy

Many people use a low odds spribe to slowly but surely increase the bank. This Aviator scheme is to set up auto cashout on multipliers up to 1.1 odds. So the bank will increase slowly, but plus the strategy that the crash over the multiplier occurs more often than before this value. And the disadvantage is that the player will receive only 10% of the bankroll for each bet, and the first crash up to 10 attempts will nullify the effort, leading to a minus. Therefore, we can say that although the strategy is positive, it has a high risk of losing the bank if the game crashes before 1.09.

how to win in aviator

Aviator strategy modest risk

This scheme is not recommended for gambling people. It consists in expecting an odd of 2-3. The chance of wagering is about 40%, so it is possible to quickly increase the pot. However, those who are waiting for big numbers should not use the strategy, otherwise there is a danger of draining the bankroll in anticipation of high odds.

Aviator fast money strategy (high risk)

We continue to understand how to win in Aviator 1win. This tactic will help you multiply the pot many times over, but also drain it in just a few rounds. The tactic is to expect high odds from 50x-70x. Statistically, they come once every hour and a half. You need to analyze when there was a similar high odds, skip an hour and start betting actively, waiting for a chance to break a big pot. You need to understand that on average an hour and a half is the appearance of a high odd both after 30 minutes and 4 hours.

X strategy

aviator strategy

One of the most difficult strategies, but profitable. If you want to know how to win at the Aviator game, you should try to study the principle.

You need to look at when the last time there was a high odd, above 15. We detect 30 minutes and begin to actively bet. The effective option would be to make two bets at the same time. Remove one when the odds reach 2-3 to cover losing entries, and wait for the second when it rises above 15x.

Game for doubling

The strategy in Aviator is similar to the Martingale principle, which is familiar to many gamblers, those who play the stock exchange or bet on sports events. It consists in doubling the next bet with each loss. You need a big bankroll that will allow you enough time to double the bets. You need to start with a minimum bet so that you can double for a long time.

Strategy «Higher and Higher»

This Aviator strategy is similar to the high-risk one discussed earlier. Here you need to analyze when the last odd was above 100, and start betting an hour later. Only make two bets, withdraw one when the odds are around 20-40, and the second, when it exceeds 100. It turns out that the first bet closes the loss, and the second is a increase for the bank.

aviator game strategy

Conclusion on the strategies of the Aviator game

Each strategy in the game Aviator comes with risks, but if used correctly, you can win big. Turn a pleasant pastime into additional or basic income. The main thing is that the hazart does not capture much. Players recommend strictly save time for the game so as not to lose attention. Otherwise, there is a risk of overplaying and draining the bank into nowhere.

It is best to test the strategy in the Aviator 1win demo of the game for free. This will determine what risks and losses each has. Choose the best option for a different size of the bank.


There are many strategies in Aviator, so beginners have questions. Let’s try to answer the main questions.

What is the best amount to bet on?

This is determined by the capabilities of the player. The total size of the bank should be taken into account, it should be enough for about 100-200 rounds, if you bet at the minimum rate of 5 USD, there should be at least 500-1000 USD on your account.

aviator scheme

Top casino strategy Aviator strategies?

There is no best tactic. The player chooses the best strategy for himself, on which it is convenient to earn. One that is easier and more profitable.

What should be considered at the start?

Beginners should consider the tactics of playing Aviator and the bank for it. Accordingly, playing for the last money is a bad idea. If you lose, you should increase your bankroll so that you can return the lost funds. The primary bank should be enough for 70-100+ bets and this is the optimal solution. Therefore, it makes sense to start with the minimum rates.

How to win at low odds?

These Aviator schemes are used by many players, it is easier than waiting for high odds. You can get an odd of 1.5 with a probability of 70-80% or more. Two wins in a row will help you double the initial amount and get a profit. It is more pleasant to get 10 kef at once, but you can lose much more. If there is a sufficient pot, you can place two bets simultaneously. One more for a low odds, and leave the smaller one to wait for high multipliers.

How to win at average values?

aviator scheme

It is necessary to study the statistics of several days. This will help to figure out the average values when the desired ratio size is repeated. We skip part of the time and are closer to the average and start betting when the multiplier should appear. Similarly, it is better to use a double bet.

How to use the functions of two simultaneous bets?

You can split your bankroll to bet twice per round. The first is to take at low odds, the second is to wait for a high or average coefficient. This strategy will allow you to play Aviator profitably right away, so Aviator game from the first minutes will bring not only pleasure from the process, but also real money.