Aviator 1xBet strategies

Aviator 1xBet strategies

Aviator 1xBet game: strategies, effective schemes and tactics

After registering Aviator 1xBet, beginners and experienced gamblers are wondering what strategy in Aviator 1xBet will help beat the casino? Some of them are sure of win and set themselves the goal of analyzing process as much as possible, calculating a profitable multiplier and hitting a good jackpot. Everything happens in a few seconds to the random algorithm; it is difficult to react in such a situation. Players continue to find ways to succeed by trying one or more of methods below.

A winning strategy for Aviator

Looking for the best strategy for this game, you need to understand loyal tactics without losing the entire deposit and crashing. Understanding the slot mechanics is a basis for developing any method, without analyzing and observing the rules of safe bets for money, you won’t be able to earn money, whatever tricks the gamer uses.

Winning strategy in the Aviator 1xBet software is based on three main «pillars»:

  1. Limit on game sessions with hard timing. The probability of a spribe crash increases in proportion to the money earned. The more the player is drawn into the process, trying to read a chart and win, the more excitement takes over, confusing attention and filling rash bets. You need to catch a moment on growth of the odd when you click the «Cash Out» button. 
  2. Fixing a percentage of the casino. The strategy works with a flat of no more than 10% of the deposit, which allows you to minimize risks and prevent a complete loss of the bankroll. 
  3. Assigned task. Do not expect to earn 100% of current bank in the first day. You should act on the exact settings: reach 15-20% or the norm of 15,000 USD and exit. A chance of winning is reduced many times without designating the goal and risk. 

The strategy does not work in the 1xBet Aviator game, if you do not have time to stop in time. This is what the developers are betting on.

Aviator 1xBet Strategies

aviator 1xbet game strategy

Small betting strategy 

A medium-sized bank is used in tactics Aviator. Minimal risk on long modes brings a good jackpot. A longer, but less dangerous option to raise money for current expenses. Choose the betting window on the right, deposit up to 100 USD. After the start of the round, the hand is cashed in at odds of 1.2 or less. They play in each set, taking into account that the plane can crash at the minimum multiplier. You can compensate for the lack of funds in 2-3 successful rounds.

Math Strategy

Such a strategy in the Aviator 1xbet game involves betting no more than 1% of amount of the game account and cashing out at odds up to 1.5 inclusive. They increase a pool by the value of the wagered odds if the plane departed earlier, which will compensate for the loss. This means that the multiplier of 1.5 didn’t come before the crash of plane and at next stage WIN is set to 2.3. In case of win, the percentage is reset to zero and no more than 1% of the depository continues to play.

aviator 1xbet strategy game aviator game

High risk strategy

A similar winning strategy in Aviator 1xBet is associated with a focus on odds of 2, starting with a small bet. The con is doubled for each unsuccessful attempt, lowering the odds by 0.2. Experienced gamblers recommend keeping your appetite down by not trying to win the whole pot at once. It must be remembered that the casino is a gambling club in which you can completely drain the deposit for a risky round on the machine.

Tactics of small x in the game Aviator

The use of tactics suggests an average pot. Income is due to minimal risks in the long run.

Actions in 1xBet Aviator in strategies xxx:

  1. Waiting for odds x1. 
  2. Skip 3 rounds, cash out at x1.10 multiplier on move 4. 
  3. They are distracted for 15-20 minutes, repeat the previously done actions. 

An important point of strategy at 1xBet is no more than 8-10 bets per day. This will avoid recognition of the formula by the system, followed by filtering small odds. Example: closing 8 cons per day on a multiplier of 1.10

aviator 1xbet real strategies

How to play Aviator 1xBet?

By law, any citizen can play Aviator.

Follow these steps to check the chosen tactics in the game 1xBet Aviator:

  1. Open a slot on a PC in a browser on the official site of a BC or download an app for Android or iOS. 
  2. Register, fill out the form, indicating the truthful data. 
  3. Choose the currency and payment system, confirm the identity via SMS, phone number, email. 
  4. They replenish the deposit, start a process, make a bet, follow the plane. 

The tactics of playing Aviator 1xBet is based on the random generation that form the winning odds. The essence of the process is to remove the bank in a timely manner while a plane is gaining altitude before the crash. Even beginners will quickly understand the situation, but do not overdo it. Patience and attentiveness are important to get stable profit. Before depositing real money, try this strategy for free in the demo game Aviator 1xBet.

Top casino strategy for Aviator

This tactic on Aviator 1xBet is relevant for different versions of the slot. Randmizer can be fixed after 2-3 months of using one strategy every day, which reduces the chances of winning.

aviator 1xbet winning strategy

The optimal scheme of Aviator 1xBet is not to rush, make a bet and expect the most successful result. Experienced gamers are advised to track the situation when a plane reaches a mark no higher than 1.1-1.2. After the desired value is dropped, game is played in the next round.

They choose a schemes at the minimum rate (at least 1000), cash out the stake at an indicator of 1.7-1.9. It is risky to go higher, you can drain the entire deposit at once. Then they expect a round in which the plane will fall to the mark of 1.2, at the next stage they bet all the previous winnings on a multiplier of 1.7-1.9. A game tactics provides for an infinite number of sets. You should not be greedy, winning up to 10,000 to the maximum, so as not to attract excessive attention of the bookmaker’s security algorithms.

What to Consider

Don’t forget to use the Aviator 1xBet promo codes you received during registration. When choosing Aviator 1xBet real money strategies, you need to remember that the round lasts no more than 15 seconds. Before the start, betters bet on the plane, trying to guess the moment of contact with the odd point during takeoff.

If the gambler has time to cash out the bet, the prize goes to him, otherwise it goes to the bank. 

Regardless of which strategy is used in this game, the multiplier ranges from 1 to 5072. A simulator in the official version is based on the theory of probability and random generation.

aviator 1xbet tactics

Rule #1

Experts do not recommend participating in the process for more than an hour at a time. Tactics plays an important, but not decisive role for making money on Aviator 1xBet. It is necessary to have a cold calculation and follow the process patterns.

Rule #2

Make the right bets. Don’t take too many risks by keeping the beta within 10% of the depository. The best variant of Aviator 1xBet scheme is a bet size of 3-5.5%.

Rule #3

It is necessary to control all manipulations from beginning to end. Before the start, it is recommended to clearly mark the end of game. For example, when increasing or decreasing the deposit account by 12%.

aviator 1xbet scheme,

Strategy «Higher and Higher»

Many bettors believe that the scheme in Aviator 1xBet is the most productive.

The algorithm of actions:

  1. Visit the odds history for the day, track the situation when the last multiplier was x100. 
  2. 60 minutes are recorded from this place, after which 2 betting windows are used. 
  3. The first round is closed at х35-40, the second one at х100.

According to statistics, hundreds of bets in the Aviator 1xBet drop out on average in 1-1.5 hours. Having caught the desired interval, you can put money on stream. The taken jackpot x35-40 makes it possible to keep the balance at the same level. The second (high) rate allows you to make a profit.


What are the best amounts to bet?

Here everyone decides for himself. Playing at low odds allows you to win more often, but less. You can hit a big jackpot at long distances, but it’s also possible to drain the entire deposit.

aviator 1xbet how to earn

Is it possible to make money on Aviator in 1xBet bookmaker?

Yes, if you’re lucky or tactics work. Statistics show that experienced gamblers can raise from 2,000 to 80,000 USD or more per day.

What should be considered at the start?

It is necessary to develop a working scheme, register, replenish the game balance before starting to play Aviator.

As practice and user reviews show, an entertaining game is a classic slot without unnecessary troubles that randomly generates drop-down values. After testing these strategies, you will find a suitable option, taking into account the amount of bets, excitement, frequency of entering the software and related factors.

aviator 1xbet game strategy

All the best drifts in the rinks and may luck come with you. The main thing is not to be greedy, then you are guaranteed success!