Aviator Pin-Up Strategy

Aviator Strategy

Aviator game: strategies, effective systems and tactics

A new game «Aviator» appeared in the Pin-Up casino relatively recently, which managed to gain popularity in a short period of time. This is not surprising, since it differs somewhat from other slots in its interface and essence. You don’t have to spin the reels here. The point is to watch the flight of the plane and to press the button in time, which will bring a win or a loss. It all depends on whether you managed to click the mouse before it disappeared from view.

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How to play Aviator Pin-Up?

First of all, you should visit the Pin-Up website, go to the main page, and complete a simple registration Aviator Pin Up by clicking the appropriate banner in the upper right corner.

The process is simple and will take a couple of minutes:

  • Enter your email address; 
  • Create a complex password;  
  • Choose the currency;  
  • Read the terms and conditions of the site, check the box; 
  • Click «Register». 

An email will be sent to your email address with a link to which you need to go to confirm. Replenish your balance and start playing.

You need to place bets and carefully watch the plane climb. The task is to press the button in time and take the winnings before the airplane disappears from view. Management is simple. You can set the gameplay to automatic mode. You can safely drink coffee and watch the game.

aviator pin up strategy game

You can withdraw money at any time to any bank card. Also, the deposit is replenished by transferring money from the card.

The game attracts users by the following features:

  • Availability of a demo version Aviator Pin Up that allows you to gain skills in the gameplay for the following real money bets; 
  • Ability to use winning strategies in Aviator Pin-Up;
  • Simple rules; 
  • Interesting interface; 
  • High winning chance; 
  • Ability to analyze the results of game processes, which can be viewed in history; 
  • Amusement of the game due to the original design;
  • Ease of withdrawing winnings and replenishing the balance;
  • The player is credited with bonuses upon registration; 
  • There are two modes: automatic and manual allows you to diversify the gameplay; 
  • Ability to download a mobile version to play on a smartphone; 
  • Possibility to win money in a short period of time. 

Rules of the game Aviator Pin-Up

Every gamer must adhere to the rules of the game, which are easy to learn:

  • Play no more than one hour; During this time, the brain is actively working. Then the person gets tired, which leads to wrong decisions and losses; 
  • Allocate to the bank no more than 10% of your monthly income. This will save your financial condition, and save you from debts and loans; 
  • Get into the habit of betting on each rank an amount as a percentage of the current or starting bank; 
  • Adhere to the first two rules all the time; it will save you from major losses and ruin; 
  • Set a goal to win a specific amount, and do not deviate from it before the game. Complete the process as soon as you receive the planned amount, because if you get carried away by big wins, you can immediately lose everything;  
  • Do not make the gameplay a way to earn money. You have come here to relax, have fun and enjoy the victory as much as possible; 
  • Use different Aviator game strategies to improve your results. 

The simplest Aviator Pin-Up winning strategy

Aviator Pin-Up tactic is suitable for beginner gamers and increases the chance of winning. The amount is not high, but the possibility of losing a large amount is excluded. You need to bet on low odds from 1 to 1.4. Statistics have shown that 75% of winnings are at low odds. There is a high chance of receiving constant small winnings.

aviator pin-up strategy game aviator game

Aviator Pin-Up real low odds strategy

You can increase your chances of winning by placing a cashout on a small odds.

But, there is a risk of losing, and this is a game, and its results are unpredictable, gamers batten down the hatches as:

  • Using a small amount of money on deposit, up to 10% will require a significant amount of time to wager; 
  • If the game constantly ends on a result of 1.09, then this is fraught with the loss of the entire bank. 

The Pin-Up Aviator strategy is practiced at first by novice gamers. 

Aviator Pin-Up game strategy modest risk

aviator pin-up strategies real

We indicate a rate in the amount of 2-5% of the bank amount. Set cashout 2 in automatic mode. The essence is to be able to take the winnings before the plane disappears from the screen. This Aviator Pin-Up strategy allows you to get a slightly more gain than with low odds. The task of the game is to constantly monitor the gameplay and adjust the coefficient between the values 2 and 3.

Aviator quick money strategy (higher risk)

Experienced gamers have a chance to immediately take a big jackpot if you put a coefficient of 100+. The Aviator Pin-Up scheme involves visiting the flight history, finding the result multiplied by 100. Then you should wait one hour and place a bet.

Game Aviator Pin-Up strategy X

This is the right way to get a solid win. A record is found in history when the plane reached the result x15. There is evidence that the aircraft regularly gains high altitudes every 30 minutes. It is necessary to detect this time, and make two bets. The first one is removed at a height of x5 to keep the initial balance, and the second one is removed at a height of x15, which will allow you to take a big win.

aviator pin-up winning strategy

Aviator game strategy for Pin-Up for doubling

The meaning of the tactic is to double the bet after the defeat. This technique allows not only to win back the loss, but also to get additional profit.

Strategy for the Aviator Pin-Up Aviator game «Higher and Higher»

This tactic of playing Aviator Pin-Up is based on the study of history over the past hours. They analyze indicators and odds, find results that show above 100, count the hour after that, and make two bets. The button is pressed at the moment when the multiplier is 40. The second time is stopped at a value of 100.

You return the lost money to the Aviator Pin-Up scheme the first time, and increase the winnings the second time.

Conclusion on the strategies of the Aviator game

It is impossible to accurately predetermine the 100% effectiveness of any strategy in the Aviator Pin-Up Aviator game. Because it’s a game of chance and there’s no predetermined end. Winning is based on the generation of random numbers, which no one can calculate. People with a heightened intuition can anticipate and choose the right Aviator Pin-Up schemes that allow them to win a decent amount of money.

We can say that there are no regularities in the movement of an aircraft; no one can calculate mathematically. Dare, try your luck, apply the tactics of the game in Aviator Pin-Up, and fortune will knock on your door.


What amounts are best for betting?

It is impossible to set the exact amount of the bet. Each gamer chooses this indicator independently. It all depends on the capabilities and tactics of the Aviator Pin-Up player, how much money he has on deposit.

aviator pin-up tactics

Top casino strategy Aviator strategies?

The most profitable Aviator Pin-Up game is the Aviator game strategy game at large odds. Find results in history showing 100x odds, wait one hour, and place two bets. One of them is closed at a value of 40, and the other at 100.

What should be considered at the start?

At the beginning, you need to take into account that the plane can disappear from the screen at any time, and during this time you need to make a bet using different schemes of the Aviator Pin-Up game.

How to win on small odds?

Bet no more than 10% of the deposit amount. You minimize the risk of losing by setting low odds.

aviator pin-up scheme

How to win at average values?

You need to set a coefficient of 2 or 3. Statistics show that 40% of the winnings fall on these values of the Aviator Pin-Up scheme. If there are no wins on indicator 2, the coefficient should be increased by several points.

How to use the functions of two simultaneous bets?

Two simultaneous bets in one round increases the amount of possible winnings. Usually, the odds are set at 60 and 100, but on the condition that there has not been such a draw in the last hour.

aviator pin-up how to win

Using the correct tactics of playing Aviator Pin-Up Aviator game, you can have fun and get nice winnings.